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Guild Charter

Addicts of Nightlife

A World of Warcraft Guild on the Firetree PvP Realm

(Created: 4/14/2006, Last Updated: 1/18/2015)



Guild Purpose


The purpose of membership in a guild is to give individual players the opportunity to experience game content that would otherwise be out of reach for solo players or even to a small group. This content gives the player an opportunity to receive some of the most sought after items in the game. While there are certainly many other benefits that guild membership can provide, the quest for rare items is clearly the focus for most players in the game.


As members of the guild receive these items their individual power in the game improves. This in turn improves the overall power of the guild and allows it to face more difficult challenges that offer even better opportunities to its members. This symbiotic relationship is at the core of both the individual members and the guilds strength.


Therefore all members must receive item upgrades if the guild is to prosper.



Guild Philosophy

Members that cannot participate in guild activities do not benefit from guild membership and the guild itself is weakened by their inactivity. Simply said, the guild cannot serve its members if they are not able to participate. Therefore:


The guild will operate with a philosophy of inclusion and service to its members.


The size of the guild will be dictated by the participation level of its members. We will recruit enough members to provide access to the end game content that the members desire but not so many as to necessitate the exclusion of members from guild activities on a continuous basis. Addicts of Nightlife will have equitable participation opportunities for all of its members.




The guild will operate at a level of organization that allows its members to easily participate and will maintain clear and consistent policies for its member to follow.


All guild policies will be clearly defined and available to all members so the expectations of the guild members are consistent and clear. Most operational and social problems are usually rooted in misperception or lack of communication. Clear and consistent policies will be maintained in order to prevent the majority of these problems.


Code of Conduct

Speech and Guild Chat

All members of Addicts of Nightlife are required to conduct themselves in a respectful and considerate manner while playing World of Warcraft. This does not mean that the guild will police a member's every word and action, but it does however mean that differences of opinion will be approached in a mature manner. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in removal from the guild. While this rule is strictly enforced for the benefit of the guild, members are also encouraged to refrain from antagonizing others players outside of the guild.  We also enforce any guild members spamming general chat or generally being rude in general chat.  You are representing the guild  when speaking in public channels.




Theft will not be permitted under any circumstances. Do not "ninja" items or loot from anyone in or out of the guild. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in removal from the guild. If you are the victim of this type of crime, contact a guild officer and we will do everything possible to handle the situation. You are also encouraged to plead your case to Blizzard.




We will not tolerate cheaters. If you break the game mechanics to give yourself an advantage over friend or foe, you will be banned and we will send a notice to Blizzard.



Problems, Issues, or Concerns.

Times may arise when you require the attention of an officer. If your situation requires further action, it will be brought up to the rest of the officers.




Breaking rules results in removal from the guild. Removals result in a permanent ban unless serious reparations are made. It is at the discretion of the Triumvirate whether or not the offending member will be reinstated.



Quitting the Guild

If you find it necessary to leave the guild for any reason it is always a good idea to let an officer know. Burning bridges is never a good practice.



Raiding Policies

In order to raid you must respond to the in-game calendar invites. Do not simply show up expecting and invite when you have not accepted the invite through the calendar. They usually will go out 3-5 days before the raid.

AON's leadership does reserve the right to exclude anyone from a raid for any reason that the leadership deems fit.  This can include but not limited to, poor performance, not following guild rules, frequent afk's in past raids,  no Vent, or undergearing.

Also, we do have a voice communication (Mumble) server, and it is highly encouraged. It is a great help during raids and other events. Please understand that this server is for guild members and that the setup information should not be given to non-members. While we would like to be as charitable as possible with our resources we do not wish to create a security or overload issue for this server.


For Our Raiding Members, it is Deadly Boss Mods or a similar add-on. Both of these can be found by visiting




AON currently utilizes the in-game Personal Loot System.




Every effort has been made to document the procedures of this guild in the previous text. It is hoped that with a little advanced planning we will prevent some of the familiar problems that other guilds contend with on a regular basis. While we have tried to be complete in our planning, this charter will be dynamic like the World of Warcraft game itself. As new content is added to the game, necessary revisions will be made. Members are encouraged to consult this charter from time to time to stay up to date.

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