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PostPosted: 03/08/2017 1:48 pm    Post subject: App: Astan831

The application submitted by Astan831 is as follows:

Character Name:

Character Level and Class:
110 Badass

What is your prefered role? (DPS/Tank/Healer):
Milking Scott

Please describe your raiding experience (e.g. bosses you've downed, bosses you've worked on, fights you know, fights you've read about- Current Expansion Only).:
I usually throw Skittles on the ground and watch my Wife gobble em up

What is your current raiding spec? Please link your armory using the [url][/url] tags.:
Holy/Prot Hybrid

Professions and Levels:
800 Stripping

Alts That You Can Be Contacted At:

Real Life Age:

Were you referred to us by any of our current guild member? (If so, please reveal which members). :
Some Asian

Previous guilds if any that you have been a member:
Addicts of Nightlife OG

Reason for leaving previous guilds (If you have been booted please explain).:
No Candy

Reason for applying to Addicts of Nightlife:
Sexy Time

What days and times are you available to raid?:
All the times

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