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re: App: pjbrown

The application submitted by pjbrown is as follows:

Character Name:

Character Level and Class:
100 resto druid

What is your prefered role? (DPS/Tank/Healer):

Please describe your raiding experience (e.g. bosses you've downed, bosses you've worked on, fights you know, fights you've read about).:
I have not done much raiding yet this expansion, however I have raided on and off through each expansion. In MoP I did most of throne of thunder on my paladin. I am not quite up to speed on the bosses in highmaul yet, but I'll read up.

What is your current raiding spec? Please link your armory using the [url][/url] tags.:

Professions and Levels:
I haven't really decided which to get yet.

Alts That You Can Be Contacted At:

Real Life Age:

Were you referred to us by any of our current guild member? (If so, please reveal which members). :

Previous guilds if any that you have been a member:
vereor, inception, forget the name of the one in MoP

Reason for leaving previous guilds (If you have been booted please explain).:
quit playing for a while

Reason for applying to Addicts of Nightlife:
Friend is in guild

What days and times are you available to raid?:
every night other than wednesday

Have You Read Our Guild Charter and Agreed To Its Terms and Conditions of Membership?:

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