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re: App: Kirriel

The application submitted by Kirriel is as follows:

Character Name:

Character Level and Class:
100 Frost Mage

What is your prefered role? (DPS/Tank/Healer):
Prefer dps, looking into leveling a healer however, maybe a monk or druid.

Please describe your raiding experience (e.g. bosses you've downed, bosses you've worked on, fights you know, fights you've read about- Current Expansion Only).:
Current expansion I'm 7/7 heroic, haven't attempted mythic. Haven't looked into mythic very much just know Cho'gall makes a fun appearance end of imperator fight, there are more flamethrowers on mythic bracken, and on kargath you have to deal with the cats coming out of the pits.

What is your current raiding spec? Please link your armory using the [url][/url] tags.:
Frost Mage, ideally changing to fire throughout BRF if it's a competent option.
My Armory

Professions and Levels:
700 tailor/enchanting

Alts That You Can Be Contacted At:
Soladran Labeight Kamé (alt code is 0233)

Real Life Age:

Were you referred to us by any of our current guild member? (If so, please reveal which members). :

Previous guilds if any that you have been a member:
Nothing notable. Currently Band of Bandits.

Reason for leaving previous guilds (If you have been booted please explain).:
The guilds were not really social enough.

Reason for applying to Addicts of Nightlife:
Repatriate, real life friend, is in and has nothing but good stuff to say about the guild and how they interact with each other. Noone being super serious or butthurt over tiny mistakes. Sounds interesting. I'm mostly applying for the social aspect over the raid as starting next week I'm in school full time monday-friday and working weekends, so my raid availability is pretty much any random free time I get where I'm not with my girlfriend if I can come I will.

What days and times are you available to raid?:
No real set in stone availability due to school and work.

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