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Joined: 06 May 2008

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re: App: Thresk

The application submitted by Thresk is as follows:

Character Name:

Character Level and Class:
Char lvl 670 holy priest

What is your prefered role? (DPS/Tank/Healer):

Please describe your raiding experience (e.g. bosses you've downed, bosses you've worked on, fights you know, fights you've read about- Current Expansion Only).:
None! Seriously, its been a while since I played. I have read all the new icy-veins class mechanics and whatnot. I'm not looking to join and be your main healer. But a good utility healer / bench warmer till I get my shit together?

Back in the day I cleared all the vanilla 40 mans, most of the BC 25 mans including Sunwell.

What is your current raiding spec? Please link your armory using the [url][/url] tags.:

Professions and Levels:
Herb 700, Tailoring 641 (soon to be 700)

Alts That You Can Be Contacted At:
None atm

Real Life Age:

Were you referred to us by any of our current guild member? (If so, please reveal which members). :
Found you on

Previous guilds if any that you have been a member:
It was another life. I don't remember.

Reason for leaving previous guilds (If you have been booted please explain).:
I died in RL. But now I'm back!

Reason for applying to Addicts of Nightlife:
I read many of the top guild websites, and yours was the only one that sounded like a fit. I have been gone from WoW for a long while, no hiding that, but I am a bad-ass healer. It's what I have always enjoyed excelling at. I have just finished building a truly epic gaming rig, have fiber internet, etc and am looking forward to contributing my skills and enthusiasm to a good group of ppl. I timed my comeback with Legion so I could hit the ground running. I am full of great crack, reliable, and a talented player that needs a good home. Time played = 89 days, 3 hours...

What days and times are you available to raid?:
After 5 PM on weekdays. Weekends depending on what the guild's progression timeline is.

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